My Dream Home ….

I have been living and enjoying life in the stunning countryside of Andalucia, southern Spain for nearly 20 years now, most of that time has been spent searching for beautiful homes for my clients and enabling them to realise their dream lifestyle. There is nothing more satisfying than walking into a property sometimes on the 20th or even 30th viewing after getting to know the clients wants and needs and suddenly getting that feeling … yes this is it! My dream home

my dream home

Well after visiting a certain property on three different occasions with different clients. I got the feeling myself. I fell in love with a finca.

I have been dreaming of owning my own country finca for many years and even imagined how it would look. I imagined sitting at a breakfast bar in the open plan kitchen looking out over the countryside with my laptop working, I imagined walking down a beautiful garden path leading down to my stables. A flat plot with a school for my horse and stunning views.

On this occasion, I said nothing as my clients were interested in the finca and I wanted to help them. After a few discussions and a chat with the lawyer about certain issues and considering the huge amount of building work needed, they decided to look at more properties and after 2 days more of viewings we found their dream property and an offer was made and a deposit placed.

The minute they placed the deposit I dared to believe that I could now go for the house of my dreams! I called back the agent David Laver from Ideal country properties in Alhaurin El Grande and told him I was in love with the finca and that I just had to have it. I immediately went to my bank manager and secured a loan and placed the deposit with my lawyer. My friend and Lawyer Francisco Gomez from had already gone through all the paperwork issues with my clients so I knew all about the property.

I nervously took my boyfriend to see the house he had been very quiet all throughout my excitement. Now the house is 100 years old it has cracks and needs a complete reform, there is a long track alongside the river to get to it and is definitely not walking distance to any shops or bars and is a further 15 minutes inland from where we currently live. Amazingly after walking around in silence and taking in all that needed to be done he finally said yes I like it. I could hardly believe it. Everything was falling into place.

Finally, yesterday the big day had come last evening we were able to collect the keys from the tenants as they had now moved out. This morning I meandered along the riverside track stopping to take a couple of stunning pictures and then stopped at my gate and took in the view. I was ecstatic with excitement. I opened the gate and took some more pictures my hands were actually shaking. As I walked in wondrous disbelief through my covered terraces to the door I actually had tears of joy. We now have our own dream home.

This is why I love my job so much. I can enable people to feel this joy! xxx


my dream homeI would like to say a very big thank you to David Laver, Patricia Vatinel, Peter Cossons and Sharon Cossons from Ideal Country Property and Francisco Gomez from Gomez Abogados for helping me secure my very own dream home.

One very Happy Nikki Powles

Now the next chapter begins……. The move



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